Moving To Vernon

Congratulations, you’ve chosen to move to this Okanagan paradise!

Get To Know The City

Okanagan Charm & Recreation

Living in the Vernon area, you’ll find:

  • A perfectly-sized town with historical charm
  • Easy access to nature (beaches, lakes, mountains, and trails)
  • Great food and wine
  • Four beautiful seasons

Big City Amenities

Amenities make this city work well.

  • Affordable housing
  • A healthy economy
  • Excellent medical services
  • A safe and modern road network
  • A convenient airport

No Barrier To Entry

Moving to Vernon is easy!

  • At VP3, we have relationships with several professionals and service providers who can make your transition a smooth one. We are happy to make any recommendations or referrals you might need.

We Know Our Home

Vernon is our home, too.

  • Our comprehensive experience and local familiarity mean we are the best real estate brokerage for your move.
  • Our team is ready to find you the perfect home and get you settled into the Okanagan lifestyle as quickly as possible.