6 Traditional Housewarming Gift Ideas

The giving of housewarming gifts began as the literal act of warming a new home. Back before central heating was a thing, neighbors and friends would bring gifts of wood and build fires in the new homes’ fireplaces to warm the home and ward off evil spirits. This act of friendship continues to this day, although central heating makes warming a house unnecessary. Even so, housewarming parties are a common place when someone moves into a new house, and many people still enjoy giving gifts that hold special meanings for the new home’s occupants. Below are six traditional gift ideas to consider the next time you’re invited to a housewarming party.


A candle lit on the first night in a new home is believed to cast out darkness. It symbolically wishes the new occupants of the new home light through even the darkest of times. Candles come in so many shapes, sizes and scents, it’s hard to name just one as the perfect housewarming gift. Try to choose something complimentary to any décor in a scent that isn’t too overpowering.


A long-standing tradition, giving bread as a housewarming gift symbolically blesses the home with never knowing hunger. Many traditional housewarming gift givers like to give fresh-baked bread to the new homeowners, but another option would be to give a beautiful bread box as well.

Salt and Herbs

Salt was once a valuable commodity, people used it as currency, so a gift of the seasoning symbolizes wealth as well as hospitality. A gift of other herbs delivers the same sentiment. A good gift idea for this category would be a set of silver salt and pepper shakers, or maybe a spice rack full of common flavorful spices. Be sure to attach a note card that says, “May there always be flavor and spice in your life.”


Wine as a housewarming gift has always been an icebreaker of sorts. A good bottle of wine paired with a lovely wine decanter makes a great gift that says, “May you always have joy and never go thirsty.”

Live Houseplant

When you give someone a live houseplant, you are essentially blessing them with a home that’s always full of life. People often correlate being able to care for a plant with an ability to care for one’s family. Of course, no houseplant is complete without a stunning planter, so go big or go home with this one because gifting a houseplant also conveys a wish of good fortune.


Today, burden baskets placed at the front doors of many homes collect the worries and stresses of life from all who enter. Gift a new homeowner with a burden basket to be placed at the front door. This symbolic gift helps preserve the home’s peace and harmony by encouraging anyone who visits to leave their troubles outside. The concept of giving housewarming gifts has been around a long time. Many people like giving modern gifts designed around the latest technology, but for some people, a traditional housewarming gift means more than just “Welcome to the neighborhood.” It conveys blessings and wishes for a good life and a happy home forever.

5 Colorful Plants You Need For Your Home

If the cold, dreary winter weather has already gotten you down, or you’re just looking for a little kick of color to brighten your otherwise blah décor, here are five colorful houseplants that are sure to brighten your home.

1. Golden Fluorite

This bright green plant has large leaves with shades of yellow, green, and white with a blush of rose-red running down the center of each one. Golden Fluorite can handle the drier indoor air, but it loves to be on the moist side. The trick to keeping this plant happy is to empty the saucer underneath after watering. For an easy to grow plant that offers plenty of appeal, the Golden Fluorite can add color to any room in the home.

2. Guacamole

If you aren’t growing bromeliads yet, this is a great plant to start with. The guacamole is an easy to grow plant that actually has its own cup to hold water. Its leaves are a deep shade of green with intense bands of burgundy running through. This plant loves lots of sunlight and humidity, and as far as watering, simply add a few drops of water to the “cup” in the center and a few drips on the soil, and this plant is happy.

3. Birkin

Philodendrons are some of the easiest houseplants to grow, and the Birkin variety is no different. What makes this one so appealing, however, is the unique pinstriping on each leaf. The variegated pattern is so striking, it can’t help but be part of this list. The Birkin loves lots of indirect sunlight and water on the dry side.

4. Harvest Moon

Got areas of low light that need a boost? Harvest Moon is the perfect choice as it can handle the low light situations in your home. The nice thing about this plant if you’re one that forgets to water your plants, it can stand the top inch of its soil to dry out, but you should never let it go completely dry. Also, you’ll need to mist it from time to time to keep the tips of its leaves from turning brown.

5. Positively Peridot

For a plant that ticks all the boxes, the Positively peridot is it. Riddled with lots of acid green leaves, this plant also has a burst of burgundy splotches and red margins that tease and tantalize the senses by catching the light on tiny hair-like fibers and reflecting it back for a stunning display. To keep this plant healthy and happy, follow four important rules: don’t cover the leaves with soil, keep it away from drafts, water it on the dry side, and place it where it gets bright, indirect light. If you’re looking to add some brightness and color to your home, the plants listed above will do the trick. Easy to care for and stunningly beautiful, you can never go wrong with these colorful houseplants.



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