6 Must Have Items To Clean Your Home

Not everyone loves cleaning the house but having a handy cleaning kit can make the job easier.

The list below outlines six of the most important items you need in your cleaning kit to get great results every time you clean.

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

If you only have one cleaning product in your cleaning kit, make sure it’s an all-purpose cleaner. The name says it all.
All-purpose cleaners work great on a variety of surfaces, so you can take them room to room to tackle a wide range of jobs. They work especially well in the kitchen and bathroom as they often contain germ-fighting ingredients that sanitize surfaces as they clean.

2. Glass Cleaner

Shiny surfaces such as windows, mirrors, shower doors, and faucets require a special kind of clean – one that doesn’t leave streaks. Glass cleaner is the perfect product for these surfaces as it leaves behind a shiny finish. Be sure you choose a good brand of glass cleaner, though, as cheaper brands tend to leave streaks behind.

3. Furniture Polish

Dusting is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Make sure your home cleaning kit contains furniture polish and a soft dusting cloth so you can clean all your furnishings quickly and easily. Don’t forget to dust your wooden furniture, any shelving in the room, and all of the end tables to really make the space feel clean and fresh.

4. Rubber Gloves

Household cleaners are full of nasty things that can, at the very least, dry out your skin. At worst, they can cause allergic reactions or illness. It’s always a good idea to wear rubber gloves when working with any cleaning solutions. Besides protecting your hands from harsh chemicals, the gloves will also keep all that dirt, grime, and who-knows-what-else from coming into contact with your skin.

5. Paper Towel

Paper towel comes in handy for a lot of different cleaning jobs, but it is especially useful when cleaning glass surfaces. Paper towel not only dries the surface as you wipe, but it also removes any smears and/or streaks as well. An alternative to using paper towel if you’re an avid newspaper reader is crumpled-up newspaper.
Newspaper works as well as, if not better than, paper towel to clean windows and mirrors, so be sure to repurpose your papers after reading them for a greener alternative.

6. Cleaning Wipes

Often considered a shortcut, cleaning wipes are nice when you don’t have a lot of time to do a deep-down clean. Since most contain anti-bacterial ingredients, they work well in bathrooms and kitchens for wiping down surfaces quickly. Keep a container of cleaning wipes handy in your kit and do a quick swipe when unexpected guests are knocking at your door.

Cleaning the house can be an arduous chore. With the right cleaning supplies, however, it is much easier and faster. Put together a home cleaning kit for your house that includes the six important items listed above for a convenient way to get the job done.



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