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The Best Home Remodeling Ideas

After a few years, a home’s vibe tends to dwindle a bit, causing its owners to crave a fresh, new look. Often, giving your home a new look and feel is as easy as applying a coat or two of paint or replacing the hardware on cabinets and drawers. You needn’t spend a great deal to make your home feel fresh and new. Here are some of the best home remodeling projects to inspire you.

Transform A Small Closet Into A Large Closet

Many bedrooms include a small, single-stall closet that’s hardly big enough for everything a person wants to store in it. In many cases these closets are actually bigger than they appear because just beyond a non-load-bearing divider wall, lies another closet of the same size. It’s relatively simple to remove this divider wall to create a much larger closet worthy of storing all your personal possessions.

An Uninspiring Kitchen Island Turned Fabulous And Functional

Does your kitchen island serve as a catch-all for everything from bills to homework and more? This could be because the island lacks pizzazz and purpose. You can give your kitchen island purpose by turning it into a sit-down breakfast bar complete with sink for ease in preparing meals. With a hang-over countertop that allows family and friends to sit close to the bar, your newly remodeled kitchen island invites everyone to gather in the kitchen for good food and conversation.

Upgrade Your Homes Thermostat

Technology has come a long way as far as home thermostats go. Today’s thermostat is a smart device that can adjust your home’s temperature automatically, which saves you tons of money each year in energy usage. If your home has an old, round dial thermostat, make it a point to swap it out for a smart thermostat right away. Not only will you find it more convenient, but you’ll also appreciate the almost-immediate savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Stop Wasting Valuable Storage Space

Do you have space above or to the side of your refrigerator that’s justsitting thereunused? That’s valuable storage space if you do it right. Start by replacing your old, non-energy-efficient fridge with a streamlined, energy-efficient model. Next, purchase or build storage cabinets above and around the unit to act as a pantry. This pantry storage can be used for anything from kitchen gadgets to pre-packaged and canned foods, and it looks great, too!

Replace Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Cabinets hanging on the wall above the countertop certainly serve a purpose. They allow you to store commonly used dishes and the like within arm’s reach. Unfortunately, they can also create shadows that make it difficult to work with and they can be quite bulky and unattractive, too. You can replace those dark, imposing cabinets with open shelving to make your kitchen look and feel bigger and brighter. Of course, you’ll need to find storage for all the stuff that’ll lose its home – or, you could just get rid of all the stuff you don’t really use anymore and eliminate the need for storage altogether.



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