The Best Home Remodeling Ideas

After a few years, a home’s vibe tends to dwindle a bit, causing its owners to crave a fresh, new look. Often, giving your home a new look and feel is as easy as applying a coat or two of paint or replacing the hardware on cabinets and drawers. You needn’t spend a great deal to make your home feel fresh and new. Here are some of the best home remodeling projects to inspire you.

Transform A Small Closet Into A Large Closet

Many bedrooms include a small, single-stall closet that’s hardly big enough for everything a person wants to store in it. In many cases these closets are actually bigger than they appear because just beyond a non-load-bearing divider wall, lies another closet of the same size. It’s relatively simple to remove this divider wall to create a much larger closet worthy of storing all your personal possessions.

An Uninspiring Kitchen Island Turned Fabulous And Functional

Does your kitchen island serve as a catch-all for everything from bills to homework and more? This could be because the island lacks pizzazz and purpose. You can give your kitchen island purpose by turning it into a sit-down breakfast bar complete with sink for ease in preparing meals. With a hang-over countertop that allows family and friends to sit close to the bar, your newly remodeled kitchen island invites everyone to gather in the kitchen for good food and conversation.

Upgrade Your Homes Thermostat

Technology has come a long way as far as home thermostats go. Today’s thermostat is a smart device that can adjust your home’s temperature automatically, which saves you tons of money each year in energy usage. If your home has an old, round dial thermostat, make it a point to swap it out for a smart thermostat right away. Not only will you find it more convenient, but you’ll also appreciate the almost-immediate savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Stop Wasting Valuable Storage Space

Do you have space above or to the side of your refrigerator that’s justsitting thereunused? That’s valuable storage space if you do it right. Start by replacing your old, non-energy-efficient fridge with a streamlined, energy-efficient model. Next, purchase or build storage cabinets above and around the unit to act as a pantry. This pantry storage can be used for anything from kitchen gadgets to pre-packaged and canned foods, and it looks great, too!

Replace Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Cabinets hanging on the wall above the countertop certainly serve a purpose. They allow you to store commonly used dishes and the like within arm’s reach. Unfortunately, they can also create shadows that make it difficult to work with and they can be quite bulky and unattractive, too. You can replace those dark, imposing cabinets with open shelving to make your kitchen look and feel bigger and brighter. Of course, you’ll need to find storage for all the stuff that’ll lose its home – or, you could just get rid of all the stuff you don’t really use anymore and eliminate the need for storage altogether.

4 Easy DIYs To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the most used room in the house, which means it’s likely the most visible, too. As such, even the smallest changes can have a big impact. If you’re looking for ways to give your kitchen an upgrade without spending a great deal of time or money, check out these cheap and easy kitchen DIYs below for inspiration.

1. Replace The Faucet

One of the easiest upgrades that make a dramatic statement in your kitchen is to replace the faucet with something sculptural-looking and high-tech. The upgrade will make your kitchen seem more high-end almost instantly. To complete this DIY, simply turn the water off underneath the sink and detach the hot and cold hoses from the old faucet. Remove the old faucet and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the new faucet. Once everything is in place and tight, turn the water back on and check for leaks.

2. Redo The Backsplash

A backsplash redo is easy to do and can change the look of the room without changing anything else. A modern choice in kitchen backsplashes is self-adhesive metal tiles. Just cut the tiles to the correct size and shape for the space, then apply them using the pre-applied adhesive on the back.

3. Update The Lighting

One of the most dramatic and effective changes you can make in any room is to update the lighting. Add some under-the-counter LED lighting using double-sided tape or small screws – if you can hang a picture on the wall, you can do this – or change out your old light bulbs for smart bulbs you can control with your phone. This will allow you to change the ambiance in the room to suit the mood with just a touch.

4. Replace The Drawer And Cabinet Pulls

One of the most cost-effective changes you can make in your kitchen to make a big impact is to replace the old drawer and cabinet pulls with new ones. It’s as simple as unscrewing the old hardware and turning in the new ones, so there’s really no excuse not to make this upgrade, especially when most hardware and home improvement stores carry a wide selection of handles and knobs to fit any budget. If you’d like to give your kitchen an updated look without spending a great deal of time or money, try one or all the ideas mentioned above.

3 Home Improvement Jobs You Should Consider Hiring For

Whether you’re making improvements to your own home or are planning to flip the property, working with contractors at some point is almost unavoidable. Even if you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, you likely can’t do it all yourself all the time. When it comes to making repairs or improvements to a home, it’s good to know your limits. Here are three home improvement jobs that you may want to hire a professional for.

1. Roofing

If the roof needs replacing on your home, it’s best to let professional roofers tackle the job. Roofing takes time, and that’s one thing you don’t have if you’re planning to flip the property for profit. The longer you spend repairing the property, the more money it costs you. If you’ve never replaced a roof before, there’s a good chance you’ll make a costly mistake trying to do it yourself. Leave it to the professionals so it’ll get done quickly and without error.

2. Plumbing

Running new plumbing or repairing plumbing problems is time-consuming. If not done correctly, it can lead to very costly problems later on when unseen leaks turn into a huge expense. While doing improvements yourself often save you money, making a mistake while attempting plumbing work can cost you more time and money than if you had hired a contractor. Leave plumbing work to someone who does it for a living, so you know it’s done right.

3. Knocking Out Walls

If you’re planning to flip your property for profit, you’ll likely want to make it as appealing as possible, which means possibly knocking out walls to create a better flow within the home. While it’s fun to knock out walls, you have to be careful that you don’t remove a load—bearing wall that helps hold the house up. If you do, it could impact the structural integrity of the house itself. If you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t sure if the walls you want to remove are load-bearing, leave this job to the pros so you’re sure to have a house left to sell when it’s all done. Many people like to make improvements to their properties themselves because it saves money and it’s fun. There are some tasks, however, that really need to be completed by someone who knows the job inside out. If your property needs improvements in any of the three areas listed above, consider hiring a professional to avoid costly mistakes.



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