Creative Ways To Expand Your Closet Storage Space

Even if you have enough living space in your home or apartment, having enough closet space is another thing entirely. If you’re like most people, there’s never enough closet space to accommodate all the things you want to store. From clothing to shoes and everything in between, closet space is valuable and often not enough in many households.
If this sounds familiar, don’t panic. You don’t have to begin knocking down walls to make bigger closets. Below are several creative ways to expand your closet storage space cheaply and easily.

Bookcases Aren’t Just For Books

If you’ve never thought a bookcase was good for anything but holding books, think again. Bookcases are great for holding all sorts of things, and they work especially well in the closet for holding bins, baskets, and more. You can find used bookcases at thrift stores, or you can opt to build your own. Either way, try to find ones with deep shelving that will accommodate almost anything you want to put on them. If you need lots of added space, add more than one bookcase to your closet, and be sure to anchor them to the wall for safety sake. An alternative to bookcases in the closet is using small dressers instead. Dressers designed for use in a nursery or kid’s room are the perfect size for a small closet.

All Closet Space Is Valuable

The space inside your closet isn’t the only space usable for storage. Consider using the back of the door for storage, too. Add coat hooks or a towel bar to the door for hanging things like robes or necklaces. If permanently adhering hardware to the door isn’t an option, use over-the-door options instead. An over-the-door shoe organizer works great for things like socks, underwear, shoes, and other small items that can be separated and organized. Check stores like Ikea for other over-the-door storage solutions.

The Top Shelf Is Your Friend

It might be difficult to reach, but the top shelf in your closet is perfect for items you don’t use that often. Put it to good use for seasonal items like beach towels, winter hats and gloves, boots, and sports gear you only need periodically. Use boxes or bins to keep things organized, and don’t store any heavy object up there for obvious safety reasons. Label the outside of each box so you know exactly what’s inside at a glance.

Rethink The Way You Hang Your Clothes

Most people hang their clothes on good old-fashioned hangers. Wire hangers take up less space, but many people prefer sturdier plastic or wooden hangers that take up lots of space on a closet clothing rod. You can double – or even triple – the space you have to hang clothes by switching to the Wonder Hanger. This As-Seen-On-TV invention allows you to hang several articles of clothing on a specially designed slotted bar that folds down to save space.

Think Outside The Closet

No one says that closet storage has to stay inside the closet. You can expand the closet storage space you have by going beyond the closet itself. Use your imagination and repurpose old furniture pieces to work as storage anywhere you need it. Look for an antique armoire for the bedroom, or maybe a rolling storage cart for the bathroom or kitchen. Underneath the bed is a great place to store seasonal clothing, too. Just purchase the appropriately sized bins to place them in so they stay clean and fresh until you need them again. For many people, the closet space they have just never seems to be enough. Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, you can use the creative ways to expand your closet storage space above to get the most out of the closet space you already have.



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