How To Set The Correct Rent Price For Your Rental Properties

As a landlord, you already understand the delicate balance between charging too much for rent and not charging enough. You want to make sure the monthly rent covers the mortgage payment plus expenses, while still giving you a positive cash flow every month.

The problem is, however, charging too much can cause your rental to sit vacant for weeks – and sometimes even months – before someone is willing to pay what you want, and charging too little means you earn less of a profit.

How do you know how much rent is appropriate? Follow the tips below to figure out how to set the correct rent prices for your rental properties.

Research Listings

This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised by the number of landlords not willing to put the time and effort in to do this important step. While it may be time consuming, knowing what other landlords are asking for rent in a given area goes a long way to letting you know what you should charge.

You can take it upon yourself to research listings yourself, or you can incorporate specialized sites to do it for you.

Ask Someone Who Knows

Anytime you want to know something, it’s always best to talk to someone who’s “been there, done that.” Experience breeds success, so talk to others who have prior experience setting rent prices.

Fellow landlords are a great place to start. Try to find ones that have similar properties as your own (same number of bedrooms, similar square footage, etc.). Watch out for the landlord that hasn’t raised rent in several years, though.

Real estate agents are another great source for rent pricing knowledge. Not all agents are created equal, though, so be sure to speak only with those who have experience working with rental properties.

You can find a host of real estate professionals by joining associations that cater to such groups. Landlord clubs, real estate investment clubs, and rental housing associations are all great sources of knowledgeable people who can help you figure out what price to set for rent.

Compare Actual Rent Prices In A Given Area

The majority of the listings found online and in newspapers give rent prices the landlord hopes to receive, not what he or she actually receives when a tenant agrees to a lease. It can take some time to gather actual rent prices in any given area, but it’s worth the time to get accurate prices so you know if yours meets the standard.

If you want to set the correct rent for your rental properties, you have to take the time to do your homework. The more you understand about the other rental properties in your area, the more able you will be in setting a price that generates you a profit while making your tenants happy. Use the information above to figure out how to set the correct rent price for your rental properties.