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5 Ideas On How To Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom increases the value of your home while enhancing your lifestyle. Unfortunately, a bathroom remodel can be quite challenging, which is why many homeowners shy away from the task. The good news is, remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially if you take the time to plan it out and you anticipate potential issues that could arise. Below are several ideas on how to remodel your bathroom.

1. Your Budget

Before jumping into a bathroom remodel, you should have some idea of the amount of money you want to spend. This budget should include a buffer that allows for unseen circumstances should they arise. For example, you may discover that the pipes need replacing or that you must hire someone to remove asbestos from behind your walls. Staying within a budget that includes extra for anything that pops up really lowers stress levels and keeps the project on track.

2. Hire A Professional Or DIY?

If you’re the handy type, you may be able to do most, if not all, of a bathroom remodel yourself. Going the DIY route saves a lot of money, for sure, but if you run into something you aren’t sure about, it’s best to hire a contractor. If you don’t think you’ll be able to complete the project yourself, it’s best to hire a professional from the start to avoid costly mistakes.

3. Supervise The Dismantle

As the contractor tears out all the old flooring, walls, and fixtures, supervise the process to ensure there are no surprises. A good contractor will catch underlying damage and suggest a replacement, but you should keep a close eye on what they unearth as they dismantle your bathroom, so you don’t have to spend any extra money later fixing something that should have been done during the remodel.

4. Add A Personal Touch

Even though a contractor may be doing all the work, you can help by suggesting little touches that reflect your personality. For instance, when it comes to tiling your new shower, be sure to choose accent tiles that you really like, regardless of the going trends in home remodeling at the time.

5. Custom Lighting

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of proper lighting in the bathroom. It’s not until a bathroom remodel is complete that they realize something isn’t right because the lighting is too bright or isn’t bright enough.
You’ll be spending a lot of time in your new bathroom, so make sure you get the lighting right. Choose soft lighting that contributes to a welcoming atmosphere, but also make sure to include ample lighting where you need it, like over and around the mirror.

Don’t let remodeling your bathroom intimidate you. If you wish for a new bathroom, use the ideas above to help you make it happen. By planning ahead, a bathroom remodel can go smoothly, and by adding your personal touches, you’ll soon have a bathroom that’s unique and exactly what you wished for.



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