4 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Mess-Free

In an ideal world, homes would stay clean and free of clutter. In the real world, however, life is messy and it’s very difficult to keep a home completely tidy all the time.

Of course, the fewer people you have living in the home, the easier it is to keep it clean. Not many people like to live alone, however, so we’ve compiled a short list of four tips on how to keep your home mess-free no matter how many people reside within its walls.

1. A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

We know you’ve heard this phrase before, but how often do you actually do what it says? When space is limited in a home, it can seem like every little thing you bring in just adds to the clutter, no matter how necessary that thing is. To prevent things from piling up, make sure everything has a home.

To do this, get organized. Put like things together and implement systems like closet organizers, drawer dividers, and other organizational tools to help you create a space for everything. Once you do this, your space will seem less cluttered, and you’ll know exactly where everything goes and where to find it the next time you need it.

2. Make A Game Out Of Purging

If you have a tendency to collect things – be it actual collectibles or just various items – making a game out of purging unneeded or unnecessary items makes it easier to part with the things that make your space seem messy.

For example, race through your home and find 27 things you should throw away. Once you’ve done that, run through the house again and find 27 things to donate. If you have children, get them in on the game, too. Don’t think too hard about your decisions to toss or donate items. Just go with your first instincts. Doing this on a regular basis really helps keep the clutter down.

3. Don’t Expand – Get Rid Of It

Even if you organize your things, it’s likely you’ll run out of room if you keep collecting stuff. Rather than expand your organizing efforts, get rid of the things you no longer need or use to keep your living space clutter-free.

For example, if your bookshelf couldn’t possibly hold another book, go through it and get rid of the books you’ve already read. Drawers overflowing with clothes? Remove the ones you don’t wear anymore and donate them. Do your Kids have a toy box that won’t close anymore? You know what to do – donate what they don’t play with.

4. A Change For The Better

If you find that you’re constantly having to clear clutter from your home, making some lifestyle changes might be the best way to gain some control. Many house cleaning professionals recommend adopting and mastering one new rule at a time.

For instance, make it a nightly ritual to clean out the kitchen sink before going to bed. Another idea would be to choose one room that must be picked up and wiped down at the end of each day. Once you’ve mastered a task and it’s become a habit, add another one. It won’t take long before your home is a lot less cluttered and messy than it used to be.