4 Tenant Retention Strategies You Should Know

An astounding 54 percent of apartment rentals experience vacancies every year, according to the National Center for Housing Management. From cleaning costs and repairs to lost rent, utilities, and advertising fees, the cost of tenant turnover can run into the thousands.

You can reduce your tenant turnover and avoid the high cost of vacancy by keeping good tenants in your rentals longer. Here are four tenant retention strategies you should know in order to be a more profitable landlord.

1. Treat Your Tenant Right

Most landlords don’t go the extra mile to make their tenants feel special. You can greatly improve your relationship with a tenant by simply remembering and acknowledging special dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and by alerting them to standing discounts from local businesses. You could even make it a standard practice to give each new tenant a coupon book for the surrounding area when they move in.

Think about going one step further and give a small gift at Christmas time, too. This small gesture sticks in your tenant’s mind and makes them feel appreciated and special.

2. Make Upgrades To The Property And Landscaping

Anything you can do to improve your property reduces your tenant turnover. When tenants ask, apply a fresh coat of paint. Don’t be afraid to allow them to choose the color as long as it’s not too crazy.

Nice-looking landscaping makes people happy. You can update your rental’s landscaping for cheap by doing the work yourself. Buy flowers for window boxes, trim trees and bushes, clean gutters, and fertilize the lawn to give your tenants a sense of pride in their residence.

3. Improve Security

Consider installing smart locks. Smart locks are going to be the new standard in the near future, so it pays to do it now. Smart locks allow you to grant temporary access to maintenance workers, and they give your tenants a better peace of mind.

Something else you may want to consider is installing an alarm system on your rental property. Most alarm companies will install their systems for free, and you can pass the monthly service fee on to your tenants. Most won’t mind paying this fee knowing they will sleep better at night.

4. Make Your Rental Energy Efficient

One of the biggest complaints from tenants, especially in older rentals, is the cost of utilities. You can help reduce utility costs for your tenants by making a few changes.

Energy efficient lighting is one option while adding new insulation to the home is another. Lastly, purchase a water heater blanket. For about $20, this blanket saves your tenants money every month.

Tenant retention is a big deal, especially when you consider the staggering cost many landlords incur when a tenant moves out. You can’t predict when life takes a tenant somewhere else, but you can help keep good tenants in your rental by making it a better place to be. Consider the above tenant retention strategies to keep your best tenants happy.